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More Box Mods Coming!

03/10/2015 at 17:12 pm

We are expecting the Vapor Shark rDNA 40 boxes to arrive within the next week.   Also, we have preordered the Pioneer4you IPV4 and IPV Mini II and expect them by the middle to end of March.  And, the eGrip will be restocked by Friday the 13th.


The Vapor Shark rDNA40 (Evolv 40d chip) box mod uses 1 18650 battery and has a maximum power of 40 watts.  This device's coolest feature is the temperature control option.  If you use Ni200 wire (has an extremely low resistance) it allows the device to monitor and limit the temperature of the coil.  This means no more dry hits or burnt cotton!  Now this doesn't mean you can't use your Nichrome or Kanthal wire.  You just won't get the benefit of the temperature sensing feature.  It does have a magnetic battery door and a USB port that you can charge your batteries with as well as an option to charge your device wirelessly if you get the charging pad.


Green Leaf's Pioneer4you brand IPV4 (YIHI SX330-V4C chip) uses 2 18650 batteries and has a power range of  7 - 100 watts which allows you to build your coil to as low as 0.1Ω.  They have improved a couple other important features from the last version (IPV3) that really make this a much better device.  They are now using 4 magnets to make the battery door easily removable.  So no more fumbling around for the screwdriver or worse yet not being able to find one.  If you don't want to pull the batteries out you can now charge through the USB port which can also be used to upgrade the chip.  One more thing, this device will have temperature control on the coil from 200-500 degrees fahrenheit.  If you decide to use this feature you will need to use nickel wire (Ni200) but this means no more dry hits or burnt cotton.  Overall, they have made the IPV4 a sleeker, more user friendly device that is a huge improvement over the IPV3 if you don't mind losing 50 watts.


The IPV Mini II (YIHI SX330-V2C chip) uses a single 18650 battery and puts out a range of   7 - 70 watts and allows you to build as low as 0.2Ω.  It also features a magnetic battery door for easy access or you can charge your batteries in the device using the USB port.  This device is smaller, more compact and is perfect for traveling.


We have ordered more Joyetech eGrips and will receive them by the end of this week.  We also will offer the rebuild deck and the 510 adapter.  The 510 adapter allows you to check the resistance of your build before you put it in the device.  Click here to go to the eGrip page.



The Tampa Vapor Team 

By Tampa Vapor