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To Vape or Not to Vape (In Public)

03/19/2015 at 11:33 am

To Vape or Not to Vape (In Public)…….

  We have all been there....in a public place where you second guess whether or not you should take a big rip from you device.  More often than not you try to do a stealth vape by either holding the vapor in long enough that little to none comes out or blow it in your shirt and hope people don't see it coming out around your neck making you look like you’re on fire.  The thing to remember when trying to decide what the right thing is to do is that we are all under a magnifying glass.  Most people don’t understand what we do and don’t understand that what looks like smoke is in fact nothing more than a cloud with next to no residual anything in it.  Because of this we should try our best to follow some guidelines for etiquette.

   Of course some of this will depend on what type of device you use.  Obviously, there is an enormous difference between using a standard eGo battery with a CE4 and a 200 watt box mod with a dripper.  But no matter which device you are using you still need to take into consideration the people around you and how you will be perceived.  If you are using a dripper in almost no circumstance should you take an 8 second pull and cloud the room.  In your case you will be limited on how you can use your device inside a public place.  You should go outside and do your thing.  There are some places that say the use of electronic cigarettes is ok but they are not referring to making their place fogged to the point of not seeing your hand in front of your face.

  The main point of this article is to be considerate when out in public and think of yourself as being part of the big picture.  You are a vaper and we are up against some pretty serious people that want to put us out of business and send us back to our analog cigarettes.  Which makes no sense considering all the benefits of vaping but if we don’t all stick together and do the right thing we could end up losing what we all have grown to love and depend on.



Tampa Vapor Team 

By Tampa Vapor