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Clash of the Clones

06/02/2015 at 12:20 pm

 Say Goodbye to the Clones.......

 This topic has been a heated one for many, many months if not years.  Are clones a good or bad thing?!?  As you know we have carried clones for a long time.  It started with one and grew to many pretty quickly.  It was easy to justify carrying them a year or two ago considering the prices of the authentic devices that were coming out.  For example, if someone wanted to get into mods and rebuildables they would need to shell out hundreds of dollars initially in order to get just a basic setup.  You figure at least $150 for the mod, another $90 for a decent dripper or even more if you are looking to get into a genesis or Kayfun type, then you need a charger and some batteries that together can total $50.  That is (carry the one) $290!!  While this is well worth it, it is a staggering number for someone that isn't even sure that they are really going to enjoy it.  We won't even get into the cost of stocking these devices on a vapor shop shelf.  Let's just say there are no margins.  No really, literally you don't make anything on them.  Well, all that has changed now.  Most authentic manufacturers are putting out at least one mod and atty that won't cost an arm and a leg.  Even some that have multiple choices that are reasonable.

So bottom line is that we have decided to get out of the clone game and strictly carry authentic devices.  Granted the margins are just slightly better but since the price to the consumer will be lower we should sell more.  In the beginning we went back and forth on whether to carry them simply because of the morality of the topic.  Shouldn't the person that put all the time and effort not to mention money into the design get all the credit?  We say yes and that is why we are getting rid of all of our clones.

This July 4th weekend we will put all clones on sale.  We will lower the price so low that we will be losing money in fact.  But that is ok, we just want them gone.  So we figured what better day than the most American holiday of the year to start this sale.  So come in and get yourself a clone for cheap on Friday, July 3rd.  At the prices we are going to sell them for they will not last long.



The Tampa Vapor Team 

By Tampa Vapor